Living with being deaf and dumb is no small thing, it can be tiring and frustrating. People who are deaf and dumb do know how they feel and what their needs are; they simply express them differently and it is our obligation to tune into their special way of sharing their feelings and needs.

Every deaf and dumb person is different and has different needs and strengths dealing with their communication requirements on a daily basis. COMMUNICA0TION can be a struggle for some deaf and dumb people. When someone in your life has hearing and speaking loss and is having a difficult time, there are many things you can do to lend a hand and offer support. Here are some ideas to help you communicate better with a deaf and dumb person:

Get the Person’s Attention When Communicating

Ensure you have the person’s attention by making sure they are looking at you and aware that they are being spoken or referred to. Stand in front and eliminate distractions when you are trying to communicate with them.

Be a Good Listener

The aim of communicating with someone who is deaf and dumb is to help the person make sense of what is going on in his or her mind and to help them express it. The first essential to being a good listener is to listen with your heart and feelings. Ask yourself: What is the person trying to communicate? What is the need that is not fulfilled? Use your intuition as a guide to help you guess what the person needs or what the person is attempting to communicate.

Improve Your Understanding of Sign and Body Language

Learn and use sign language, body language, and facial expression to help supplement your communication. It is important to know some basic signs so that you can at least understand and convey something to the individual.

Write it Down

Don’t be afraid to write down to make them understand better. Drawings and diagrams can also help the person comprehend the information. You can as well ask them to write down things you can’t grasp easily.

Stay Positive

No matter how you end up communicating, always be patient. This process can sometimes be difficult, so give it some time and don’t relent or get angry. Additionally, you should never give up out of frustration. It’s disrespectful and rude, and it will definitely make them feel left out or unimportant