Living With Disability


It cannot be denied that a disability, whether mental or physical, affects and restricts the normal life of a person. At times, a disability can cause severe problems to the day to day life of an individual, be it personal life or social life. People living with disabilities, whether visible or hidden have hopes and frustrations just like everyone else.


Disabilities affect people in different ways; someone with physical disability, for example, may be affected differently to somebody with a learning disability. Common effects of a disability may include:

  • Mental health issues including depression and anxiety
  • Loss of independence and freedom
  • Anger and frustration at having to rely on other people
  • Practical problems including transportation, accessing buildings, limited choice of activities.
  • Unemployment
  • Loss of confidence and self-esteem, especially in social situations.


Living with a disability is difficult but there are many people out there who can help to make life easier. It is important to share concerns and worries with families and friends because they tend to mount up and can contribute to conditions such as stress, depression and anxiety. The government (NDIS) offers financial support to individuals with disability; this helps to cover the cost of additional equipment and medical care.

If you are caring for a person with a disability, this can also be very challenging and may leave you feeling mentally and physically drained. If you are struggling to cope or you simply need a little extra help, contact your local authority and discuss additional care for your loved ones.