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At FBA Care, our Supported Independent Living service is designed to provide the support and assistance our participants need to live independently in their own homes or in one of our SIL Homes. Our highly trained and experienced team of Service Coordinators and Support Coordinators work closely with participants and their families to develop a plan that addresses their unique support needs and goals.

Our Service Coordinators are responsible for coordinating and managing the personal care and community access that the participant receives, while our Support Coordinators work to ensure that the participant’s broader needs are being met, such as healthcare, employment, education, Allied health services etc. Our SIL service provides a range of support and assistance, including assistance with meal preparation, assistance with personal care activities, housekeeping and community access.

Our Coordinators take a person-centred approach to care, working collaboratively with individuals and their families to identify their strengths, challenges, and preferences. We believe in the right to independent living and reaching one’s full potential. Our SIL service embodies this value, and our dedicated team offers high-quality, compassionate care that fosters independence and dignity. Our Support Workers are seasoned professionals, well-versed in the needs and challenges of those with disabilities. Continuous training equips them with the knowledge and skills for top-quality care.


The path to quality care

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At FBA care, we work to provide you with the best of our quality services to build a cohesive community. We care to help you with independent living so you live your life positively in your own way.
Have the best you deserve with an expert team beside you, looking after your needs as and when required

Diligent team

Our care providers work effectively with integrity, respect and values to aid you.

Frequent enhancement

Our action plans are modified and customised with respect to each and every individual to ensure maximum support.

Regular training to care providers

Our volunteers are committed to subsequent trainings to regularly update their process of working

Responsive to your requests

We always welcome you to provide your feedback to help us improve our services

Our personal & in-home care services include

24/7 Support

Our team of dedicated professionals takes care of your Personal care, mobility support, medical needs, shopping, cooking, and domestic support 24/7 diligently.


Our professional experts will work with individuals and their families/guardians to identify what they need at home and achieve the goal.

Home Modifications

Support to arrange home modifications as required and manage your home and assistance with household tasks.

Live with Like-minded

Matching you with like-minded people to live with and also with the help of our volunteers, feel safe and secure in your own home and take control of your own choices with little help

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